Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Giving Gifts

I believe the gift giving is inherently not a very good economy of exchange since the best person who knows what you want really is you and I am quite picky; but I love to wrap and give presents. I also like to receive presents. I don't care so much about the presents, but more about the anticipation of receiving the presents. I think that's one reason I love Christmas - the ability to look under the tree and wonder what's there.

This year I made my husband of pretty large list of things I want. Some of them are fairly expensive, but others are pretty cheap. The most expensive thing on my list is a road bike and the cheapest is a reusable water bottle from my alma mater.

I'm not sure how to solve for the fact that I'm picky, I don't want my husband to waste our money, and I want to be surprised.

I guess we'll see if my experiment this year works (providing the list with a lot of different items).