Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Things Are Changing

I know that I shortly will have a new employer, I'm just not sure which one yet. I'm 95% leaning towards one company. I will post some more details soon. If I do go with this company, I expect to get a 10-15% pay increase (already discussed informally with my potential new manager). I'm pretty excited about that in this economy and with what's going on around me. Things have been pretty stressful on the work front for the past few weeks, but I have a couple of great opportunities in front of me.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Decided to Get on the Twitter Bandwagon

After I saw that even Madame X is on twitter, I decided to join. Follow me there @calgirlfinance for quick updates. I hope to post things more frequently there.

On another note, my job situation is going to be changing quite soon. I am not sure exactly what is going to happen, but suffice it to say that I believe in about a month I will be working at a new employer.