Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Overhead . . .and Seen

Two notable things I overheard and saw this past weekend:

Overheard: "I take cash, check, and credit cards . . ." - homeless guy in downtown Philly

I thought the comment from the homeless guy was pretty fun. I just thought I'd share that.

Seen: My two seatmates on my flight from Philly to the Bay Area both were reading library books.

I was pretty shocked to see both of my seatmates reading library books since I don't think I've ever seen anyone else on a plane reading a library book, except for me and my spouse. I haven't been to the library for a while so I'm wondering if it's more crowded now. Is all this talk about practicing frugality really taking root? Or do people feel that it is more acceptable to be frugal, so they're more open about it?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's Hard to Get Back into a Groove

I've been back from vacation for about a week and a half, but I'm still not back to my regular schedule since once again I've been on the road (since Friday). I'll get back home later this weekend.

I can't believe what's going on with the economy! While everything really surprised me when I first heard about it, it's sinking in so that as I look back upon everything, it seems like it was inevitable. We just have too many short-sighted people who don't think through the consequences of what might happen because of overconfidence in the markets and probably their abilities. I'm sure that if I had been in their shoes, I'd probably do the same things.

Now if only everyone could think more like Goldman Sachs. I can't believe that they've been profitable through it all.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm Back From Vacation . . .

and it was awesome. I'll look for some generic photos to post later. Then I'll ask all of you to see if you can figure out where I went for vacation!

I'm happy to be back home, but I'm headed out for a business trip next week.

My company is going through a lot of issues, so I'm thinking about whether or not I want to start job searching . . .I'm a bit afraid to start job searching since I don't know what I want in my next job.

If I want to stay in consulting, I'm fairly certain I could get a job pretty easily since I have a lot of former co-workers that have endeavored to get me to apply with their companies. If I don't want to stay in consulting, that proves to be a bigger problem since I would probably need to figure out what I want to do before haphazardly applying to random jobs.

Anyone know of any good online tests to figure out what kind of job one should get?

Expect to see more posting! I will post some details on the finances of our trip sometime this month or next month too.