Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Wasting Money on Food

I hate it when I spend money on something that I don't need or really want. Normally I love going to restaurants and having leftovers, but not when I travel. I don't have a fridge in my room and it would be considered pretty extreme to bring my lunch to work when I'm traveling, staying at a hotel without a fridge, and pocketing a hefty meal allowance ($64/day).

Have you ever heard of the phase, "your eyes were bigger than your stomach?" Well today my ears were bigger than my stomach since I placed a pick up order. I could have ordered the $9 10 oz appetizer portion, but I was afraid that it wouldn't be enough. So I decided to opt for the $11 16 oz dinner portion. I definitely left more than half of the food untouched! While it's only a small mistake, it galls me since I wasted both food and money!

Next time I'll remember that a smaller portion will usually suffice for me, especially now as I'm getting older and my metabolism slows.


Anonymous said...

$64 a day for food? Where do you travel to? I've never had more than $35 available, and never as per diem - we don't get to pocket the excess.

calgirlfinance said...


$64 is the standard government rate for larger cities.

Here's a link to rates for this year in California. Cities like SF, LA, and San Diego all get $64.

It's company policy that we are supposed to take per diem versus charging actuals. We do not submit receipts for per diem but we must submit receipts if we charge the actuals. The paperwork reduction probably makes it worthwhile and it's all charged back to the client anyway.