Saturday, March 29, 2008

To My Loyal Readers

Sorry for the lack of posting. I have a ton of ideas, but I can' t seem to finish any posts! I've been on a mini vacation for this past week and I'm starting a new project this Monday. Hopefully I'll get back into posting this upcoming week.

In the meantime, here are some random thoughts:

You can really see inflation when you go somewhere to get one specific thing that you haven't purchased a in few years. In my case, C and I went to one of our favorite restaurants in NY. Something that used to cost $20 3 years ago is now $28!

Sometimes I remember something as being better than it really is. It's the idea that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

For some reason, I've always been turned off by Suze Orman. I found one of her books, 9 Steps to Financial Freedom, so I started reading it. It's been pretty good. I remember going to a book signing with David Bach and hearing him say that 80% of what he and Suze says are the same. I started reading the book and it's been great so far. She talks about how our early experiences with money shape our view of money now. Too bad, I can't really remember any of my early experiences with money. I will post some early memories later and you will see how little I remember.

It's important to set a budget when you vacation. C and I are on a work/vacation type vacation (i.e. about half of this trip is being subsidized by own employers). Too bad our employers don't cover the full cost of our meals and shopping!

Does anyone else think that the new frozen yogurt craze (i.e. pinkberry, red mango, et al.) is crazy? I think it's creating a new market. A yummy, healthy (gotta love the fresh fruit toppings) new latte factor! Personally I love red mango.


moneythoughts said...

Hi Calgirlfinance,

I was checking out people interested in investing and came across your blog.

I write and paint. Take a look at my blog, you might find it of interest. I write Monday through Friday unless the market is closed, and post my art work on Saturdays.


sfordinarygirl said...

There's a yogurt shop in my neigbhorhood that's set to open in May. It's been over a year in waiting ... it's supposed to be like pinkberry but it has some weird name. Now if the yogurt shop from the Survivor guy who wanted to open it would've passed, I would've been even more stoked.

budgets are sexy said...

yayy, i like reading your posts! i know it's hard posting pretty frequently at times, but one every now and then at least builds our interest :) haha..

will you post your thoughts on this new book you got once you finish? i just picked up "The Automatic Millionaire" so i'm interested to see how similar it is.

budgets are sexy said...

i never heard of pinkberry or any of those places, but that's probably good cuz i'd be the first to drop some money there!

i love me some new treats :)

calgirlfinance said...

Everyone, thanks for stopping by.
MoneyThoughts, I will definitely check out your blog.
SFOrdinaryGal, what's the name of the yogurt shop set to open? I've been to one off Union Street and one off Fillmore. I like the one off Union Street better, but I can't remember what it's called.
BudgetsAreSexy, I really really like the Automatic Millionaire - I think because David Bach makes it seem so easy. I finished the Suze Orman book, but now I can't really remember the writing style of David Bach! :)

rankun said...

Tired of suzy orman...
cody willard is on fox buisness...
check him out..