Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Today is the LAST Day to Fund Your IRA for 2007

Today I took the opportunity to fund my Roth IRA for 2007. Why did I wait so long? Well if you saw my earlier post on taxes, you know we just finished them over the weekend. I wanted to make sure C and I didn't exceed the income limit to make the full contribution. Once we had our AGI figured out, I knew that I should fund my Roth ASAP. But I made the mistake of not having enough money in my BofA checking account nor directly with Schwab, where I have my Roth. I had all the money in my ING account and I could have sent a check from it, but I felt more secure transferring the money to my BofA checking account so I could make the deposit in person. I ended up starting these transfers last Thursday. The money was fully transferred into my BofA account today with no holds, so I was free to deposit that check!


The one lesson I learned here is it's good to not cut things so closely. There were some online transferring options that I wanted to do, but it would have taken too long for the money to clear and become available hence I had to go with the in person option.


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