Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Husband Doesn't See How Inflation is Affecting Our Finances

In our marriage, I am the primary manager of our finances. We each manage our own retirement accounts. I want us to review this together to see if we have the right combined asset allocation, but we haven't gotten around to it. I am kind of a lazy money manager. I manage our day to day finances. Most of our spending is via credit card, which is paid off every month. I also manage our savings accounts for our emergency fund and house payment fund.

Since I manage most of these things independently, my husband doesn't see how inflation is affecting us. I admit that it hasn't affected us that much since we live way below our means. But the increased cost of gas and food has affected our ability to save as much money as I would like for our house down payment. In fact, I think our down payment savings are fairly stagnant for the year, despite the fact that my husband and I both got pretty decent raises from last year. A big part of that is probably due to our upcoming vacation! Once we get back from vacation, expense tracking is going to start for at least another month!


Moneymonk said...

"Since I manage most of these things independently...."

That is the problem, he must get involved in the finances, go over the buget/expenses with him so he can gain knowledge

In most marriages, one pay the bills/expenses and the other just work and contribute money.

Both should be involved. I had to actually show my husband every bill so he can see the numbers (what is coming in and what is going out)

Men are physical creatures, telling them may not help, you have to show them