Monday, October 20, 2008

How Do You Combat Laziness?

This weekend, C and I didn't have much planned. In fact, on Friday night, we didn't have anything planned. There were two things I wanted to do over the weekend - do the first exercise in Your Money or Your Life together and go through our closets to find some clothes to donate. Tomorrow there is an organization that is picking up used clothes, toys, etc. in our neighborhood and both C and I have been pretty disorganized in our closets. After getting our new bed (Cal king size), the other rooms in our house are overfilled with stuff. If our closets were cleaner and more organized, we could store our extra stuff there (unless we're able to get rid of it).

Well this weekend, C and I went to the gym, went to the Farmer's market, went grocery shopping, saw a movie, went to church, went on a bike ride, and visited some open houses. I also did a lot of cooking after the Farmer's market and C did a lot of dishes after I completed my cooking.

Around 9 pm on Sunday, I realized that we still hadn't done those two things that I wanted to do and I just didn't have the energy to do them. I think next time, I'll just have C and I clean out a few drawers, rather than our whole closets. Maybe smaller goals will help us be more successful in our goals?

How do you accomplish the chores that you're not excited about, but feel that you need to do?


Budgets are Sexy said...

i like to have awards for accomplishments! say, a beer for each drawer you clean out! haha...or a "romantic gesture" for each so-and-so you clean.

when the rewards are high, i do a looooooot better :)

Revanche said...

I like the rewards idea :) For myself, being alone, I really have to self motivate by reminding myself of how lazy/guilty I'm going to feel later.

It usually works, especially if I decide to just clean for a few minutes, or just tidy that one pile. That usually gives me enough momentum to keep going and clear up the whole mess.