Thursday, May 07, 2009

Overhead at my Favorite Clothing Store in the Mall

Salesclerk: “Would you like to open a credit card and save 40% on your purchase price?” (Aside - I’m pretty sure the clerk said 40% - I think it was some sort of promo deal since 40% is a lot!)

Customer buying one shirt: “No thanks. If you can’t pay cash, why buy it?”

I guess Americans really are changing and starting to think about what they are spending. I view this as a positive!


FB @ said...

I would have done the card opening thing.

40% is a lot.

when they tell me 10% or 15%, I brush them off...

But I wouldn't use the card anyway/be responsible, because I clear the balance every transaction. I'm not scared of those cards.

calgirlfinance said...

I would have opened it too, if I purchased over $100. If not, too much trouble.

pfstock said...

Regardless of the percentage of the discount, I wouldn't open a credit card just to buy one shirt. But, I do remember a couple of times that I did open a store credit card for some larger purchases: a tuxedo in one case, and computer in another.