Thursday, July 26, 2007

Things I Do to Save Money

Inspired by Mapgirl's post, I decided to think about some things I do to save money or live frugally. I was a bit disappointed that I could not think of more conscious choices I make.

1. I try to carpool with my co-worker as much as possible (1-3 times per week)
2. I buy classic clothes from Ann Taylor. Looking at the price per wear shows the payoff
3. I pack lunches for my husband and I to take to work

Personal Care & Shopping
4. I only cut my hair about once every 1-2 years. When I cut it, I try to donate to Locks of Love
5. I like to use pre-moistened cleansing towelettes from Costco to clean my face, but before using each towelette, I cut it into 4
6. When using items such as shampoo or soap, I try to only use the amount I need
7. I always buy clothes on sale

See #3 under Work
8. I clip coupons for the grocery store
9. My husband and I try to limit the number of times we eat out, especially the number of times we eat out with just the two of us

10. We switched most of our light bulbs to CFLs
11. We turn off lights if not in the room

That's all I can think of that we do consciously. There are other things we do that contributes to frugal living, but it's not always something we think about.


mapgirl said...

Thanks for participating! :-)

Her Every Cent Counts said...

wow, you get your hair cut only once every 1-2 years? i thought getting mine cut twice a year (with a dye/highlight job at the same time) was rather frugal, but you win.

SF Money Musings said...

That's impressive you only cut your hair once every 1-2 years, especially when you donate to a wonderful organization like Locks of Love. I'm really amazed at how frugal you are!

SavingDiva said...

I can't believe you cut your hair once a year! I cut mine about 4 times a year, and I thought I was frugal! I do go to an Aveda school to get my hair cut....You have motivated me to do a similar post!