Monday, February 25, 2008

Cutting Out Recreational Shopping

Many people enjoy recreational shopping, where one goes shopping for fun without actually needing anything. Yesterday C suggested that we go to the mall. This immediately raised red flags for me since I've come to realize that we just have so much stuff (we fill all the closets in our home and we could still use more storage space). I asked him what he needed and he tentatively said work clothes. Upon asking about what type of work clothes he needed, I surmised that he didn't really need work clothes or if he really needed more work clothes, he should give away some of his current clothes.

My life isn't like Colin's at No Impact Man, but I am really starting to question the things that we buy. Colin is also helping to influence me to think more about my carbon footprint and my impact on the environment. One way I'm trying to reduce my impact on the environment is to cut down on my recreational shopping. Now for each item I buy that is non consumable, I think a few questions to myself:

Do I really need this?
Am I going to use this?
Do I have room to store this?
Is this going to replace something else I already have?
If yes, do I need this?

Ok I admit, I don't think about all of these questions before purchasing something. I do try to at least think about 1&2. If it's something that I'm going to use a lot and it's going to make my life a lot easier, I will go ahead and buy it (e.g. we just got a salad spinner).