Sunday, June 08, 2008

Good News: It Wasn't Fraud; It Was a Bank Error

Well the good news is that the mysterious withdrawal on my account was not fraud - it was just some sort of bank error. I was so happy to get the news that it wasn't fraud, plus I was really busy at work, so I didn't press for too many details. They told me the withdrawal was on an account that didn't match my name or account number. It was just some sort of error. So I got the mystery withdrawal amount back plus they credited me the $25 fee. I'm glad that it's not more serious and I'm thankful that I didn't bounce any checks in the meantime. I think it's pretty embarrassing to bounce a check, especially if writing one to a friend or family member. And then they also get hit with a fee. Would the bank also reimburse that fee? I can see how one bounced check can lead to cascading fees.

Thanks to those who commented and provided support. And by the way, it was Bank of America who made the error. Earlier today I tried to deposit some checks at the ATM, but they were out of deposit slips. That one branch had 3 ATMs around the outside, so I was pretty disgruntled about that. I was going to deposit over $1K.

All of these annoyances are making me think - is it time to get a new bank? I keep BofA for their ATM network, but I know that there are banks out there that will reimburse you for all ATM fees. I don't want to make too many financial changes at once, so I'll probably hold off for now.


budgets are sexy said...

YAYYY!!! so glad to hear that :) Def. scary (and annoying waiting) but looks like it worked out nicely.

When you're ready to look for bank changes, USAA is great (if you qualify, have to be "military" related) and so is E*Trade for the free atm withdrawals. The down side is they are both online banks, but they do offer higher interest rates!

I'm sure now adays you can find more local banks offer the atm refunds too. either way, just glad it wasn't fraud :)

The Hoss said...

Just proves why a person should closely monitor their bank statements. Good luck and I would definitely search for a new financial institution.