Monday, June 23, 2008

Grocery Costs

On my last credit card statement, C and I spent approximately $500 on groceries. Some of this spending was a bit more than normal due to my mystery shopping, but the amount just seemed outrageous for a family of two. C and I do try to eat healthy and buy organic products, but I think the real issue was shopping without a list. C and I are both pretty big impulse buyers. So for this upcoming credit card statement (the one we're currently in), I told C that we were going to try to spend $100 or $150, at the most. I figured we would be able to spend a lot less since we did buy a lot of food in the prior month. I'm happy to report that with the credit card statement date almost coming to a close, we're definitely under $150, but over $100. Making goals really does help you improve!


Rachel @ Master Your Card said...

I am considering setting a grocery budget too. Out supermarket average spends seem to go up each week and although that is partly due to price rises, I think that is no excuse. I need to calculate our average monthly spend on food for the last 6 months and see whether I can set a realistic target where we can still eat healthily but not spend so much money.

Anonymous said...

Hi Calgirl,

That's great that you have set goals and yes they really do work if you stick with them no matter how tough it gets. Instead of using a credit card to charge your groceries, why not set up a grocery fund and use cash to pay for groceries?