Monday, November 17, 2008

Accepting Myself and My Talents

A few weekends ago I was walking through a park with a friend when we stumbled upon an art exhibit. As we walked through the art exhibit, my friend remarked that she found some of the work overpriced since she could easily produce similar pieces herself. While I agreed with her that much of the art was overpriced, I knew that there was little to no chance that I could produce something similar.

This made me think back to a training that I recently attended. After the training, I sought feedback on my performance (the training consisted of a week of role playing our in regular jobs, facing a specific problem) and I got great feedback. There was hardly anything negative said about me at all. Contrasting that feedback I received compared to facing my own artistic limitations made me realize that we can’t always be good at what we want to be good at. Of course, one can improve their skills in certain areas, but some careers or some skills are just a much closer fit than others.

I have always wanted to be more artistic, and I know that I can improve my talents in that area with practice. But that does not come to me with the same fluid ease that it does to others. That's ok, it's just who I am. We all have different talents and we should try to showcase and utilize the things that we enjoy and come easiest to us.