Monday, January 26, 2009

I Finally Took Down My Christmas Tree

I love Christmas, so I wanted to keep the tree up for as long as possible. But I finally decided that it was time to take it down.

I have this huge clear box that I use to store all of my Christmas related stuff. I hope we don't ever get more stuff that doesn't fit into the box! I like to put our ornaments back into the original boxes they came in. It takes up a lot more room, but it just seems nicer that way.

Of course, we have a lot of ornaments without boxes. Those all just go into one miscellaneous small box or ornaments. Most of those are not breakable, but a couple are. I try to put the soft ones around the fragile ones.

One thing that C and I have decided to do is to try and get one Christmas ornament from each foreign country we visit. If we can't find a Christmas ornament, a key chain is a good substitute; that's often pretty cheap. C laughs at my key chain Christmas ornaments, but I love them! We might start getting Christmas ornaments/key chains for each new place we visit too.


J. Money said...

haha i'm with ya girl - i STILL have mine up!!! i meant to take it down this weekend, but when i flipped the lights back on w/out the main lights, it looks so freakin' peaceful!

my plan is to try again this weekend. but i make no promises ;)

calgirlfinance said...

I love having Christmas trees! As long as your wife is cool with it, keep it up!

Forest said...

I love the idea of getting a new one from every country. I have been thinking that I would want to get a piece of art from every country I visit, but your idea sounds much cheaper! I think I'll steal it.

calgirlfinance said...

I've also been thinking about trying to collect art from places I visit. I think my main problem is transporting the item back home!