Monday, February 02, 2009

Almost No Spending for Feb 1 & Feb 2

On Sunday, we came back from a road trip. It was a family road trip, so finances were not discussed. We didn't chip in for gas since it wasn't our car we were driving. We had been planning on driving our car, but it looked like there was a problem with one of our tires, so someone else drove. With family, we are pretty loose with money. Someone, usually the parents, will pay for a lot of stuff and not ask for money back from anyone else (but note, these are very frugal family vacations - we hardly ever even go out to eat, instead we rent a place with a kitchen and cook meals). Once back we caught the end of the super bowl and ordered pizza. The parents paid for pizza. Oh wait, my husband bought some snacks at the gas station $0.89 and we picked up milk on our way home $6.50 for a gallon (yes it's expensive since we get organic). Total: $7.49.

Today I worked from home. I spent no money. I actually think I have a lot of "No Spend" days. I did mail out some books that I sold, but I had already purchased the stamps. My husband went to work, had lunch with his dad, and came home for dinner. If he didn't have lunch with his dad, he would have brown bagged it.

Basically we spent almost no money these past 2 days, but part of it was because we spent so much time with family. Luckily I didn't have to track spending on Saturday since we spent a lot more on that day (off the top of my head, $20 for lunch out, $2 for a drink, and $140 for skiing - total $162).

I think this is going to be a pretty light week in terms of spending. We don't normally go out during the weekdays, except to our church small group and the gym. For small group, everyone takes turns bring dinner and we brought dinner last week. The gym doesn't cost us anything out of pocket since we pre-paid for a 3 year membership back in 2006. Since I'm working from home, I'll pack my husband lunches and we'll have most dinners at home together. This weekend, we're going to visit my mom, who just moved to a new place. We'll probably take her out for dinner and take her shopping since she'll probably need new stuff for her place.

I might start on a traveling project later this month. In that case, I'll track what's everything I spend, mark the items that will be directly reimbursed, and just total my overall costs excluding the reimbursable expenses.

Also I just realized that I'm participating in Mrs. Micah's Where’s My Money Going? Month