Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I'm Planning a Somewhat Expensive Weekend Trip

Over Presidents Day, C and I are going to take a trip to Lake Tahoe. I think this is going to be pretty expensive. We're hoping to be able to do everything for $400 This is what we're budgeting:

Accommodations: $164
Lift Tickets/Rentals: $175
Gas: $39
Food: $22
Total: $400

Accommodations: We are going to go up for 2 nights, sharing a condo with another couple. This is the only price set in stone.

Lift tickets/Rentals: This is the major unknown. We need to do some more research on how to ski without breaking the bank. None of us have gone up to Tahoe to go skiing in a long time. If anyone has any suggestions, please provide. I also will probably need to buy some clothes. I'm new to winter sports, so at the minimal I think I need to get some pants. I already have a jacket I can wear and I can probably borrow goggle and gloves.

Gas: This is how much it cost last time we filled up

Food: This probably means we won't be eating out. If we can get the cost of lift tickets and rentals down, maybe we'll have dinner out one night.

In the grand scheme of things, $400 is a lot, but it's not that much. We will often treat family to dinner without thinking about it too much and spend $100. But this does mean we need to watch our other expenses in February.

We'll see if we can do it!