Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Got the Promotion!

Back in February, I blogged about how to get a raise in a bad economy. I am happy to report that not only did I get a raise, I also got a promotion! Ok, so I actually found out about almost 2 months ago, but I've been super buys with work. While I was very happy to receive both, the raise was substantially less than what I was expecting. My raise was only 6%. While this wouldn't be bad in normal circumstances, this now puts me in the very middle of the pay grade for the position I had before my promotion. Dollar-wise, this is less than what I've received for all of my other promotions (I've moved up pretty quickly at my organization due to my hard work).

Well I'm taking it in stride since my company is going through a lot of organizational issues right now. Most likely we will be bought out within the next few months. In light of the different organizational announcements, I'm not sure if my promotion is a good thing, but I am sure that my lower than normal salary at my position will help me retain my job.