Monday, July 24, 2006


I hate budgeting. I hate keeping track of what I spend. Instead, I just automatically save what I need to (direct deposit to 4 different accounts) and ONLY spend what's left. It seems to work for me. I frequently log into my bank and credit card accounts to make sure I have enough money in my bank account to cover my credit card account. However, with the additional wedding expenses, it's a bit harder to manage. I need to categorize expenses on my credit card into wedding / non wedding related items and make sure I DO NOT transfer more money that what I spent on wedding related items. If there's ever a month when I give my credit card a lot of exercise, I'm usually able to pull back a little in the next month so it all evens out.


Andrew said...

You seem to have a system that works for you. The bottom line is you have your money allocated for specific expenses but you still budget. You did all your budgeting the first time you set up your current funneling of money. If only more people took the time to budget their money they would deal with less anguish and pain. Happy budgeting.

prlinkbiz said...

It is soooo good that you have a system now (one that works- you can't spend what you don't have acess to!). Especially great to hear that you are keeping yourself on track with an upcoming wedding! It is unbelieveable how much one of those can set you back and start a new marriage off on the wrong foot! You go girl!