Saturday, July 22, 2006

Wins and Losses for the Day

A review of my day:
1. Win: did not stay at home by myself. The SF Bay Area is having a heat wave. If I had stayed at home, I would need to turn on the A/C for the whole downstairs of the house. Instead I ran some errands and did some shopping. I stopped by Starbucks since my boss wanted me to do some work. However when I told him I was at Starbucks, he decided he didn't want me to work on it since I'm in a public place.
2. Win: $4.20 spent on cold drink at Starbucks. I was thinking about driving home, but see #1. Also I am meeting some friends later so hanging out at Starbucks lets me save about 30-40 miles of driving. While I could have had the same benefit by staying at the mall, I didn't want to tempt myself further.
3. Win: Did not buy anything from the luggage/travel store. Next to Starbucks is a decently priced travel store. There are some travel items that I have been coveting from Eagle Creek such as their Pack It Cubes and Pack It Folders. I thought about it and decided that I could hold off for a little bit. I am going to move onto another project so I don't know when I'm going to be put onto a traveling project again. If I am put on another long term traveling project, I will definitely invest in the Eagle Creek traveling items.
4. Neutral: Bought some potential wedding shoes. They cost $75 and I don't love them. But they could save me from having to go shopping again.
5. Neutral: Went to a bridal store over someone's garage. I was looking for a headpiece or veil, however, the prices were a lot more than I had expected. My sister had gotten her veil at the same store 3 years ago for a lot less. This was negative since it was a waste of gas, however, I am glad I went. Also it helped me decide on what kind of stuff I want to put in my hair (now I just need to find some clips that I like)
6. Neutral/Loss: Bought some capri pants for $30. I have been looking for capri pants for some time. I would have categorized this as a win except for the fact that I left my gift card at home. I'm going to try to see if I can get the money back on my credit card and use my gift card. I was really mad at myself when I realized that I forgot my giftcard.

All in all, not a bad day so far.

I'm about to go and meet some friends for dinner now, so hopefully that won't be too expensive.