Sunday, July 30, 2006

Watch what they charge you at the register

Twice in the past month, my mother and I have been victims of check-out clerk overcharging. The first incident happened about 3 weeks ago at Long's Drug Stores. My mom was getting some vitamins. Afterwards, she felt like something was wrong. We verified the number of items she purchased was the same number that they charged us on the receipt. We decided to go home. Once at home, my mom realized that they charged her twice for one item ($12.99) and didn't charge her for another item ($7.99). I don't think it was purposeful, just human error.

The second incident happened yesterday. We were at Albertson's, a grocery store in our area. We had purchased A LOT of items since everything was 70% off. As part of their strategy, they are closing some of their underperforming Northern California stores. My mom also had a coupon for $6 off $60 and since everything was at least 70% off, we wanted to make sure we spent at least $60. We ended up getting a lot of marinades, sauces, and soups - mostly non perishable items. The most expensive thing we got, was some frozen hot wings. We purchased two, but the clerk charged us for 3. Luckily I was reviewing the screen and caught that. It was the most expensive thing we purchased. Originally priced at 7.99, purchased at $2.40.

Overall once everything was scanned, the screen read $326. Once the discounts and our $6 off coupon was factored in, we spent $93.


makingourway said...

Cal Girl,

I've had similar problems - often at restaurants. Usually tips are misentered.

Every few days, if not daily, I enter my receipts into quicken. I then download the numbers from my credit card company as available - unfortunately - monthly. There's usually a difference every two to three months. If it's more than a dollar I protest.


Frugal Duchess: Sharon Harvey Rosenberg said...

Cal Girl:

This has happened to me repeatedly at national chain drugstores.

Specials were not rung up right or the pricing was off.

Once the mistake was huge: a double digit error!
I've learned to really study receipts.