Friday, August 04, 2006

I found $50 (sort of)

Several months ago, my healthcare provider Cinga offered us $50 for doing an online health profile. I did it and promptly forgot about it. Then about a month ago, I was reviewing my pay statements and I saw that I had $50 of imputed income, which I decided was from the health survey. However, I had not seen any money. Well it turns out that they sent the check to my sister's house (I stay there part time and at my mom's part time). It's basically like a free $50 that I found. I am happy about that!


Andrew said...

Only cost you a little time to complete the online health profile. Actually how much time did it take to do the profile? Probably not too long. I did a survey last year and got a $10 Starbucks card which still has money on it. That felt good and comes in handy during if I have no cash.

Sean said...

Stumbled across your site.. truly a great read! I'm a 20-something asian-american in the professional world striving for financial responsibility and future independence. It's truly an adventure, and admittedly always so much to learn. Keep up the great work, cheers.