Monday, August 21, 2006

Getting Married = New Budget

I've been thinking a lot about how my future husband and I are going to spend our money after we get married. He recently finished school and is still looking for a job. He's in a pretty specialized profession and we want to live in a specific area, so there are only a couple of places where he can work.

I anticipate our combined income to be somewhere between $110K and $150K. I know that's a pretty big range. I know I will be getting a raise and promotion in the first week of September, but I've been told that I won't find out the dollar amount until September, so I am adding my raise into the range.

I'll take the average and assume we will be making $130K. If that is the case, this is how I see our annual budget breakdown:

$30K 401Ks
$13K tithe
$22K taxes (25% on $87K)
$8K Roth IRA
$24K rent (rent should actually be a little bit less, but not much)
$18K misc monthly expenses (inc. utilities, food, gas, student loans etc)
$15K down payment

This brings me to the question - is it more important to max out our retirement savings or save for a downpayment? We already have about $75K saved for a downpayment (remember we live in the Bay Area, so we need quite a bit of $ - we only plan on renting for 1 year since we want to live in SF). I anticipate exiting the workforce, or at least working part-time while raising our kids, so I want to max out my retirement savings while I can. I also plan on living well into my 90's since I had 3 grandparents do that - my grandfather is almost 100!

We will have to figure this out once my fiance actually gets a job and we move into our new place and see what our actual monthly expenses are.


finance girl said...

I'd say get yourselves into a house. The Bay Area real estate only goes one direction (up!!) very fast, and once you get a house you can go back to maxing out your 401ks. But I'd say just contribute the minimum to match company match, then save like crazy for a down payment, then go back to maxing out 401(k). This is what I did with the 3 houses I have bought and it's worked out great.

Ruthann DeGutis said...

I agree w/finance girl b/c once you pay your down payment and buy your house -- You'll no longer have to put that 24k toward rent... You can put that toward your 401ks and grow them much faster!
Good luck!!