Wednesday, August 23, 2006

How Much Should I Spend to Furnish my House?

After our wedding, my fiance and I will be moving into a house. A 3 bedroom house with a living room, dining room, and kitchen. We have both been living with our parents.

This is the furniture we are taking with us from our childhood homes:
Full size bed for our room
Twin bed for guest room
large dresser
2 or 3 small dressers (2 of them are part of a bedroom set for a girl)
1 nightstand
1 small desk
1 large desk
1 papasan chair
1 tall bookcase
1 short bookcase
1 desk chair
1 small tv (13")
1 large tv (27") , but really really old
1 TV stand
1 rug
2 lamps

Things we have gotten from other sources:
1 leather couch (free from a friend)
1 side table (on loan)
1 Dining room table & 4 chairs ($55 off craigslist)

Now we need to figure out what else we need and how much we want to spend. There is room in the kitchen and dining room for a table, but I don't think we need another table.

I think we need:
some lamps and/or lamp shades
coffee table
another chair (recliner type)

Other than that, I think we should be pretty set. We will end up needing lots of other small household items like extension cords, tools, wall decoration, cleaning supplies, etc.

Making this list has made me feel a lot better since I don't think we have anything big to buy. I think I will tell my fiance that we have a $500-$1000 budget on things for our new home (this includes the $55 we already spent on the dining room table). I will talk it over with him to come up with a solid number.


makingourway said...

Cal Girl,

You can find alot of what you need at an estate sale or garage sale. You'll buy these things for pennies on the dollar.

Also, try putting a wanted ad in the free section of Craig's List. I was suprised how much traffic they get.

Good luck,

Kira said...

When I moved into my apartment, we bought a couple big ticket items (like a brand new $700 queen size mattress set) and about $500 worth of other assorted furniture new from IKEA. What really spent my money was all of the crap that you end up needing around the house. We probably spent $1000 at Target in the first month - microwave, kitchen utensils, vacuum cleaner, etc etc etc. I really wish in hindsight we had gone out to garage sales for these things - I'd rather buy my mattress new but you can always put a used spatula through the dishwasher! (Oh yeah, we also bought a dishwasher. $500. But well worth it to not have to wash any damn dishes.)

Your parents I assume own all of your spatulas so that is where I think you will end up blowing the bucks - on all of the little things like soap dispensers and toothbrush holders and Dustbusters, etc etc etc. Get together $250 in cash and go crazy at some garage sales and you can get a lot of what you need - but I'd count on spending at least $500 at Target (laundry soap, lightbulbs.. oh the list goes on!) The good news is that this is pretty much a one time moving expense. Your spatulas will last a long time.

calgirlfinance said...

We're hoping we won't have to buy too many kitchen essentials since we're getting married! We pretty much have everything we need right now, so we might try some estate sales or garage sales in the future.