Friday, August 25, 2006

Moving Day went Well

I wish I could say that I am all moved into my new home, but not quite. My fiance and his parents came over with a borrowed pickup truck and their largest car in an attempt to move all of my stuff over to our new home. We made a valiant effort, but I do have a lot of stuff. I also have a lot of random consumable items that will be helpful in our new home, such as laundry stuff that my mother does not use.

We were able to get most of my stuff over. A few more pieces of furniture are going to be moved over such as: one more dresser, a desk chair, some bookcases.

Things we have already moved over: 1 Twin bed & boxspring, 1 large desk, 2 dressers, 1 nightstand, 2 large shelves, 1 lamp,and several boxes of books.

My room at home is much nicer with less furniture. It allowed me to rearrange my furniture for the first time since I left college. This made me value simplicity more.

After college, I moved a lot of my furniture from my apartment to my room at home since I still wanted to keep it.