Friday, July 14, 2006

Promotion and Salary/Raise Discussion

This calgirl is happy since she has been promised a promotion. After the formal review process, I received the highest possible rating out of 5 (I rated myself the second highest possible rating). The scale is basically: bad, fair, acceptable, good, excellent (I have renamed the ratings). I have been told that 70% of employees receive an acceptable rating and it's pretty rare to get an excellent rating, so I'm happy.

I also talked to my supervisors about my salary concerns, both my immediate supervisor who doesn't know my salary and our overall supervisor who has access to salary info. I expressed my concerns in a very diplomatic way. The overall supervisor admitted that based on the information I provided, my salary was on the lower end (it appears to be lower than some people who are a level below me). We talked about what happened when I was hired and he asked if I was given what I asked for or more than what I asked for. I was given what I asked for and he was surprised. He said they typically try to go a few thousand above what someone asks for so they come into the company happy. I was happy to come into the company at what I asked for at the time, but after further reflection, it was less than I should have asked for.

He said salary discussions have not happened yet, but with the promotion, it should be more than made up for. So I have high hopes for a large raise. The unfortunate thing is at a large company, sometimes someone will say that they will try to do something and then be unable to deliver on that promise based on pressure or restrictions from above.

With my fiance, I have determined that I would be satisfied, but not happy with a $5,000 raise, Happy with a $10,000 raise, and ecstatic with more than a $10,000 raise. Based on the salary information I have on other co-workers, I expect to receive a raise around $10,000, but I'm not counting on it until I get official notice. Anything less than $5,00 would upset me and potentially cause me to look for a new job.


mapgirl said...

It's good that you've worked out for yourself where your threshholds are. I think a lot of people view their raises as 'anything more is a good thing', but that's not true.

Good luck on the promotion. It sounds like you'll get it and get a nice raise with it too.

CollegeGrad said...

Congratulations excellent review!

A few weeks back before beginning my job search, I read a lot of information regarding salaries. Statistics show that women ask for salaries around the same as others they are working with. Men, on the other hand, ask for more than what others will be making. I found this information to be interesting because admittedly, asking for more money makes me nervous. But, it's something I've decided I have to get over, in a hurry.

Girl-- make sure this time you get MORE than what you deserve!


calgirlfinance said...

Thanks for the comments ladies. I love both of your blogs!