Monday, September 24, 2007

The $100 Laptop

I heard about the $100 laptop now costing $399 on my way to work this morning. When I got home I was looking around MSN money and I found this link about the promotion. Basically you buy one for yourself and then one is given to a needy child.

I am going to look into it since I need a new computer. Half of the price will be tax deductible, so as long as the laptop meets my computing needs I don't see why I shouldn't get one.


ChampDog said...

Sounds good as long as the specification meets your requirements. I think nowadays the PC should at least have 1 G of memory and extentable to 2 G. :)

Anonymous said...

Um, this *won't* meet your needs. It's for kids who've never used a computer and live in the boonies.