Friday, September 21, 2007

Blogrush - New Way to Make Money?

Recently I've been trying harder to maintain my blog. This includes posting more frequently and looking for interesting things to add (some that might make money, some which are just interesting). I'm also thinking about doing a complete redesign of my blog since I think my current scheme is a little bit boring.

I found Blogrush while doing my daily check at It seems similiar to Adsense but more focused on driving people to your blog. Since I'm not that profilic of a blogger, I have yet to received a payout from Adsense (that's ok, if I were blogging for the money, I would have quit long ago). Blogrush is brand new, so it's going through some growing pains. I've put referral links in this post since you do get some sort of credit for referring new members. Let me know what you think.


ChampDog said...

How many traffic you get so far from this Blogrush?