Sunday, September 30, 2007

Should I Upgrade My Cell Phone?

I have owned my cell phone for a little more than 4 years. In that time it has served me faithfully, but now I am finally beginning to think that I might want some more functionality in my phone. My phone also is starting to show its wear. It's had cracks in its screen for the past 3 years (luckily the crack is near the top so it's hard to see) and now it seems to drop more calls then it used to. You know your phone is old when no one sells it anymore.

I've been thinking about getting a Blackberry. My company pays for most of my cell phone so the cost of the plan is not an issue. I have heard that once you get a Blackberry or other smart phone, it's hard to go back to having a regular phone. I'm not sure I want to make the leap. I am guessing the monthly plan would be about $80 (vs. the $40 I currently pay). It wouldn't matter while I'm working, but I am hoping that I will eventually have the freedom to work part-time once my husband and I have kids (probably in 2-3 years).

Is it worth the risk of potentially becoming addicted to a Blackberry and being unable to give it up?

I can already think of all the great functionality I'm longing for.

  • Hands free bluetooth
  • Web surfing
  • Email checking
  • Maybe even Pocket Quicken
I probably need to get a new phone within the next month as my current one continues to deteriorate. I'll post on my decision when it's made!