Sunday, June 25, 2006

Follow up to Pre-Marital Financial Information

Back in April, I posted about the financial information I knew about my future husband. I am happy to say that he is more of the clueless type, rather than the evasive type. He wasn't withholding information about his finances from me, rather he just didn't really know the information.

After some continued discussion, we decided that he should provide me with his past tax returns. While this is not a complete financial picture, it was something he could easily provide. He provided the information to me, allowing me to get a better sense of his financial picture. We joked that I was "auditing" him. One of the main things was I wanted to find out where all of his different accounts were. Unfortunately we do not have any accounts at the same institutions, which means someone will have to get used to a new company.

For me, it wasn't so much that I wanted to know everything about my fiance's finances. Rather I wanted him to be willing to share the information with me, even if it took some researching on his part.


Kira said...

A lot of us young people don't really have much to keep track of anyway so we don't think it's hugely important. But I think he's really just trying to understand what you need to know since you have probably forgotten more than he ever knew about your finances. =)

Money Matador said...

What? You ask to see his tax returns and he gives them to you? This seems very strange from my macho point of view.

I hope the due dilligence did not reveal any hidden accounts on the Cayman Islands :)