Thursday, June 01, 2006

Internet everywhere

Earlier this week I received a Verizon wireless PC card (Kyocera KPC650) for my laptop. I'm not sure if most people know about this technology yet. It allows you to get internet access anywhere Verizon has a signal - all for one low feee of $60-$70/month (this is a corporate rate and paid for by my company). This is great since it means I will be able to go online every night! Before I had to pay for internet at my hotel so I didn't want to go on every night and pay the $10. I felt that I shouldn't do it if it wasn't business related. Now I can go on whenever I want -at my hotel, at the office, at the airport, at home, etc.


udandi said...

I knew there had been previous offers for 50 free, but somehow I only got in on the 25 free, which was fine by me. I had trouble using all 25 freebies because I either had the stuff or it wasn't my style. Thanks for the tip!