Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Free Upgrade

I'm am super excited since I just got the largest hotel room! It's much much bigger than my old apartment that I had in New York and probably bigger than the place I will move to once I get married.

I stay at this hotel every week. For some reason they didn't have my rewards number on file, so the check-in girl looked extra hard to get me a good room.

So this week rather than getting just the standard king size bed, I got a 1 bedroom suite with a living room, dining table, french-like doors, 2 tvs, king size bed, shower, and bathtub. Yippee!

The lesson here - it helps to be nice to people!


debtor said...

I'll tell you what else, as a front desk agent. Fishing for an upgrade? Hold a $20 bill in your fist, visible on the desk and ask with raised eyebrows, "Anyway you could get me into a suite?"

People at my hotel get the Presidential Suite quite regularly with that tactic paying only $129 for a $750/night room.

calgirlfinance said...

I may try that if I ever really want a suite . . .to be honest, while it's a nice perk, I don't really need it when I'm staying by myself.

shamedsteven said...

That is terrific that kindness worked out for you. It is nice to see that even as jaded as people in this world can be, that a little bit of kindness can still go a long way.