Sunday, May 28, 2006

How much do you spend on wedding gifts and shower gifts?

Yesterday my fiance and I attended our first couple shower. It was the first co-ed shower I had ever been to. We decided to purchase something off the couple's registry that totaled about $50. Most attendees were family members. There were only 5 non-family members (1 of the 5 was the best man and another one was his girlfriend).

Normally I spend around $50- $75 on the wedding gift. If my fiance and I are giving a joint gift, we will double that amount.

On shower gifts, I normally spend between $25-$50, depending on how close the friend is and what I can find.

As a soon to be married couple, I think money would be the most useful gift for any couple, even though it is considered tacky. My old college roommate said that she thought you had to give more when you give money versus a present. I actually probably do the opposite and spend more on a gift than I would give in cash. I also always am on the lookout for registry items on sale, but typically I am only able to get sale items at Macys. I still prefer the act of shopping and wrapping at item to give to the couple, rather than giving them a check despite that fact that I would prefer money. I just love to shop and wrap presents.


Tiredbuthappy said...

I've never had to give a shower gift and a wedding gift. For a wedding gift, it's usually about $50. My favorite wedding gift is a giftcard to the place the couple has registered at. I figure they'll probably end up a place setting or two short, or they'll realize they really need the rest of that set of pots. And because they registered there, I know they like the store.

James & Miel said...

Thank you!

I completely agree that money is the most useful gift a couple can receive. I'm getting married in three weeks, and my fiancee and I have asked for cash on our wedding webpage.

So far, we're still getting toasters and waffle irons. But, I'm greatful for the gifts and I know that I shouldn't complain. Some people spend a lot of money on wedding gifts.


Jame s

mapgirl said...

The guidance is to spend about what the couple spent to host you at the event. That means if it was $80 a head for dinner, then the two of you should spend $160.

Obviously it's only a guideline.

To mem it usually depends on what's left on the registry by the time I buy the gift.