Friday, May 05, 2006

Good Tip to Save on Your Wedding

It seems that there are a quite a few Bloggers out there in a similar situation as myself - engaged to get married or seriously considering it. My fiance and I were able to find a good way to save money on some wedding costs. We are renting chair covers (which may be considered a waste by some) and so are our friends who are getting married in June. We simply asked vendors if we could have a discount if we referred someone else. Originally most vendors would give us a discount, but when we pushed, most were willing to give our friends a discount as well. We ended up with a 10% discount for both of us, saving each of us $60.

In looking for a wedding cake, we've asked the same question and most people have been willing to say yes. This would probably work with almost any other vendor as well.

In the wedding industry, there isn't much incentive to do a good job since most brides are one-time customers. However when you bring you friends into the mix, there is more incentive to make sure you're a happy customer.


bluntmoney said...

I was just reading your archives and came across this post. I had to comment because I am a wedding vendor and there is EVERY incentive to do a great job. Most brides care very, very much about every aspect of their wedding (congratulations to you btw) AND most brides have friends. If a vendor messes up on any little thing, you can bet that that's exactly what the bride's friends will hear about. Good service is a reflection on me and my future business. (Plus I just LIKE doing a great job.)