Sunday, May 07, 2006

Friends with Class

Madame X at My Open Wallet has a great
post about a couple of articles in the NY Times. The post I linked to discusses the differences among friends with vastly different amounts of money. I think the issue of socieconomic inequality amongst friends is something that is starting to develop around us. As my friends and I get older and more established in our careers, we are starting to move apart in terms of our finances. I have a friend who just graduated from law school, working at one of the big law firms in SF. I'm sure she's making around $170K based on some recent articles I've read. I also have friends who are social workers, still in school, etc., getting further into debt or making a much smaller incomes. Right now we're still fresh in our careers, but I don't know how things will change as more of us get married and start having families. Will the economic differences drive us apart? Will we still be able to remain friends? As for myself, I think I am in the middle. I'm not making a lot of money right now in my career, but I have the potential to make a great living if I stay in my current occupation. I doubt I will work in consulting long term. I see my fiance and myself as being the "poor" relatives in relation to our other family members, but that's okay with us. We'll be doing things we enjoy, even if it's not as economically rewarding.


mOOm said...

Seen the movie "Friends with Money" :)