Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My Hobby Habits

I am a dabbler. Whenever I pick up a new hobby, I get really into it and want to do it all the time. However, I have a hard time keeping up the motivation. Previous hobbies of mine include knitting, making beaded jewelry, rubber stamping, card making & writing letters. This means I have a lot of materials to participate in the hobbies above. Currently I still enjoy card making and rubber stamping (mostly for card making). My problem with hobbies is I spend a decent amount of money on the hobby and then I lose interest.

Another hobby of mine is personal finance, however, I don't really like to get into the details of it. I really like reviewing my networth since it's on a positive track, but usually I am too busy or too lazy to keep good records. Yet for me, I know that the more I participate in something, the more I get out of it and the more I enjoy it (usually).


Laws Finance said...

I am the same way to some extent. I have "obsessions" for a while and then get tired of them just as quickly as I became obsessed. Hopefully that doesn't apply to relationships.