Saturday, June 24, 2006

My Networth

One difference between myself and many of the pf blogs I enjoy reading is I typically don't disclose my numbers whereas they do. While I do not want to disclose my salary, the reason I do not disclose my networth on a regular basis is due to the fact that I do not calculate it as regularly as some others. Today I decided it was time to put the numbers into excel and see what came out.

I can't say that I'm pleased or displeased with the numbers. The recent stock market woes have put a dent in the numbers of many people. I am no exception. The last time I calculated my networth was in the beginning of May. At that time, I determined my hard dollar assets minus liabilities equaled $43,158.61. This number did have some estimates since I couldn't access either of my 401K accounts at the time.

Today my networth is $46,223.72. I am pleased with the positive jump, however, hidden in the positive jump is my investment losses. On a monthly basis, I normally save over $3000 (in my 401K, investment fund, emergency fund and wedding savings account). Since the period of change was over 3 paychecks, it shows about $1500 in investment losses.

Oh well, that's how it goes.


The Big Time said...

Mind if I ask, how old you are?

And if you are saving $3k per month you are doing amazingly well... do you live at home or something ??

calgirlfinance said...

The Big Time, Yes I do live at home. It helps A LOT in saving money. But the free rent will end soon since I'm getting married in September. I don't think I could have lived at home for too long (I've been doing it for one year) - after a while you just need your own place.