Sunday, April 02, 2006

April Goals

I think setting goals are extremely important in moving forward. I'm often lazy and don't set goals, which is not good.
Here are some goals for April
1. Finish my taxes . . eek . .can't believe I still haven't finished them
2. Get all the addresses for my save the date cards (wedding in September)
3. Donate clothes from my closet (I've already culled out some that I really don't wear, now I need to stop off at Goodwill
4. Donate my car (see posting from March 31st)
5. Get my financial house in order. I am a fan of David Bach , who has a good formula for this, although it looks like he has a decent (not great) reputation among PF Bloggers. I skimmed his book The Automatic Millionaire, heard a sermon at church that mentioned him, and a light went off. I could do so much if I just did it automatically (I'm pretty lazy).
6. Tithe at least $700. I quite behind on my tithe. I wish I could catch up more, but my wedding costs are starting to add up.