Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Great Tips for Frugal Living

I'm not going to provide my own tips, rather I'm going to mention a website I haven't seen any other PF Blogger mention (although I have seen one PF Blogger contribute articles). Maybe everyone already knows about it so there's nothing new to say. The website is the Dollar Stretcher

I found this website when I was in grad school and at my lowest point financially. Granted I still had a positive net worth, but I was bleeding money like crazy living in NYC ($1,000/month rent with roommates) and no income.

I love to get their tips on living better for less. Readers contribute their own tips and there are some brief articles as well. If you need help with something you can write in and get other readers to submit their answers.
Here are some examples.
Lunches to Love
Reader's Tips
Dry Cleaning Tips

At the top there is a topical index so you can find all previous entries related to the things you're interested in.