Wednesday, April 12, 2006

More Weekend Wedding Thoughts

Immediately after the recessional, the wedding party was milling around in the courtyard. Then I looked over at the bride's father. He was wiping away tears. Simultaneously all 4 bridesmaids and the bride started crying. See that made me remember what's important in life and it also made me long for my lost relationship with my father. I don't think he will be invited to my wedding.

After my parents got divorced while I was in college, my father wrote me a letter every month and sent me a check (this past part of the divorce agreement). For graduation, I got a check for much more than I expected. Then I moved to NYC and my contact with my father grew more and more infrequent. I don't think I've seen my father in the past 3 years (ever since I started dating my fiance). Part of the reason I don't want to get in contact with my father is because there is still a lot of bitterness in my mother over their relationship regarding the things he did, the way he treated her, and the mistakes (financial) that he made.


inagm said...

I think it's funny how you keep typing (well at least twice) your fiance as your finance. =) Too much PF blogging?

inagm said...

On a more serious note, perhaps your father would still like to see you get married...I know forgiveness (or at least signs of it) does a lot in helping to heal relationships. Maybe he will realize he doesn't deserve the invitation but received one anyways - maybe that will make him more gracious?

I guess I'm just an optimist. My own dad is absent most of the time and rarely calls. When he does talk to me, I get interrogated about schoolwork.

Chitown said...

None of us know what is best for your situation but I would hate for you to make a decision that you would later regret. You only get married once!!!

Funny...I do a double take too with finance...=)