Sunday, April 30, 2006

Why I love staying at hotels

Who doesn't love staying in a hotel? Lucky for me, I get to stay at 3 star/4 star hotels for business 3 nights a week. Since I am always staying in the same hotel, I have become friendly with the staff. I found out that the 3rd floor has upgraded rooms, which I now request upon check in. I usually get it. This means the room has fluffy robes for me to use while I'm staying there in addition to free slippers, body wash, mouthwash, a sewing kit, and the current Newsweek magazine. I love to take this stuff home with me. For my friend's bridal shower, I handed out party favors that consisted of my free toiletries from my hotel stays.

Things I take home every week:
1 pair slippers
6 bars of soap (I get 2 per night and I save my soap from the week before to re-use)
2-3 bottle of shampoo and conditioner (I use one bottle every 2 weeks)
3 bottle of lotion
3 bottles of mouthwash
3 bottles of body wash
3 boot buffers
3 sewing kits
3 body basics kits (cotton swabs, cotton balls, nail file)
3 shower caps
unlimited bottled water - I normally take this to work so I don't actually take any home with me


Anonymous said...

My mum works in an office where most everyone travels a majority of the time for their jobs. Everyone takes the mini soaps, shampoos, etc. back to the office. At the end of the month, they box everything and donate it to a local women's shelter. I think battered women and children would appreciate your extras a lot more than making them into a stupid shower "gift" that no one will care about in an hour that also makes you look cheap b/c it's like giving someone leftovers that you don't want. Think about doing something useful...Just my 2 cents.

calgirlfinance said...

Hey anon, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. That is a good idea about donating stuff to the local women's shelter. Do women's shelters have more of a need for small sized toilettries rather than regular sized? The stuff I get at the hotel is actually much nicer than what I (or most of my friends) would purchase on my own. So it might be selfish, but I'd rather keep the stuff I get from the hotel myself and donate less expensive stuff I normally buy. I might have looked cheap giving out my shower gifts, but it was something I would have enjoyed receiving (and I did get compliments on what I passed out). Anyway, thanks for sharing your opinion.

makingourway said...

I have a friend who accumulated an entire linen closet full of hotel shampoos. Maybe over 600 little bottles of it.
I wonder how it can be monetized!
You'd do well to donate it and deduct the value of the donation like anon recommends.
The little bottles are actually very expensive in stores that sell them. That's the fair market value for your donation.

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