Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I had a great weekend

This weekend was so much fun! It's awesome to be a bridesmaid in a wedding where you really care about the bride and groom and have a lot of mutual friends in common with them. On Saturday, my friend said to me at the end of the evening "you've been a really big help today" I could tell that she really meant it and I'm glad! Having been in a wedding party before and being an upcoming bride, I think the most important thing a honor attendant can do it make the bride or groom's life easier. Also since I was helping to clean up, I get to keep all the tulle (the white lace-like fabric) that they used to decorate the aisle. I asked my friend what she wanted me to do with it and she said she didn't care, so I asked if I could have it. Good deal!

Of the three other bridesmaids, one of them has paid me back (the one I don't really know). I'm pretty sure the other 2 are planning on paying me back as well since they both mentioned it.

Since I'm back on the job and at the client site, not sure how much I will be able to blog, but I will try to do so at least a couple times a week!


inagm said...

you can use all that tulle for your own wedding =).

CollegeGrad said...

I was going to ask, what will you do with it?