Saturday, April 01, 2006

Yesterday was a bad day for my car

I was driving home to work, on my way to pick up my bridesmaid dress for a wedding next weekend. Since there was a ton on traffic on the freeway, I decided to exit early. As I was braking at the traffic light, I felt my whole car vibrating. When the light turned green and I accelerated, the car seemed fine. At the next light, more vibrating. So I decided to drive a couple of blocks to Big O Tires. After waiting about 30 minutes they told me that I blew a gasket and that I should put my car out to pasture since it would cost more to fix my 10 year old American car than it was worth. I pressed the guy asking him how much it would cost and he said the high $2000s. Yikes. Big O was very nice and they charged me $0 for the whole consultation. While I was there, I also heard them call a woman and ask "Who told you that you needed new brakes? Your brakes are fine."

Throughout the experience, I was incredibly calm because of one main reason. My mom just bought a new car 3 weeks ago and she had enlisted my finance to help her sell the old one. My finance hasn't gotten around to it, so the car was sitting at his house.

It was the car my parents bought for my sister, but I inherited it after she graduated from college. It did have a lot of body damage (but nothing too serious) and I was a bit embarrassed to drive my coworkers around in it for that reason.
1. Cracked back fender and taped up tail light - someone hit my car while it was parked on the street. Since I used to only drive my car occasionally, I didn't know when it happened.
2. Scratches on one sides from when I hit the side of my parking lot entrance twice (yes I'm a bad driver)
3. Dent on the trunk from when the garage door fell on my car

My mom and my fiance had been bugging me to get a new car every since I moved back to California. For now, I will drive my mom's old car for a bit and then probably buy a new used car. Even if I didn't have my mom's old car to fall back on, I do have enough money in my emergency fund to get a new used car.